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In recent years, there has been unprecedented levels of aviation-related litigation going through the courts. To improve the chances of a successful outcome, it is vital that the most reliable and respected testimony and evidence underpins your claim or defence.

Having the right expert could make a real difference to the outcome of your case and may even act as a catalyst for an out of court settlement so saving on lengthy and expensive litigation.

Senior personnel within Probus Aviation have been recognised as industry experts in the area of aircraft remarketing. We have provided expert witness testimony legal disputes involving substantial and internationally-renowned aviation industry companies.

Specific requirements can be discussed in confidence with Probus Aviation in order to assess whether we would be able to provide appropriate support. Clearly, with the complexity of cases each request will be considered in accordance with our deliverables.

The feedback from clients, solicitors and barristers who have used our expert witness services has been highly complimentary.

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In the last few years, our clients have included the following;

  • A US-based insurance company where Probus has provided remarketing and consultancy services over a portfolio of aircraft.
  • An investment company operating out of Australia and Singapore that required remarketing for an Airbus A320-200 aircraft coming off-lease.
  • A South American bank that leased a pair of Airbus A319-100 aircraft into a major low-cost carrier in the region and wanted to exit their aviation interests with outright sales.


PALS has provided personnel to provide testimony in the High Court in London. We have worked closely with a number of law firms and can provide support in cases where legal redress is required.

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