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Probus Aviation Consultancy Services (PACS) has the capability to undertake a range of consultancy services. These have been provided across a range of aviation-related areas. Typical PACS services include the following;

  • Advisory services to aviation insurance companies
  • Airline start-ups business plan development
  • Route research
  • Market reports on specific aircraft types and models
  • Analysis of data
  • Political lobbying

Through our consultative approach we develop a true understanding of specific requirements and produce a tailored project to fulfil our client expectations.

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In the last few years, our clients have included the following;

  • A US-based insurance company where Probus has provided remarketing and consultancy services over a portfolio of aircraft.
  • An investment company operating out of Australia and Singapore that required remarketing for an Airbus A320-200 aircraft coming off-lease.
  • A South American bank that leased a pair of Airbus A319-100 aircraft into a major low-cost carrier in the region and wanted to exit their aviation interests with outright sales.


PACS continues to provide a portfolio of tailored services to the broader aviation community. These range from market reports for new lessors evaluating an aviation portfolio to detailed, more specific reports on individual narrowbody and widebody aircraft types to investors looking at individual acquisitions of aircraft. Moreover, we also provide an overview of portfolios of aircraft on behalf of organisations with a more long-terms interest in trends.

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