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This service covers the overall commercial and technical management of any lease transaction, and includes preparation for service, delivery, ongoing management through the lease and redelivery. The service is based on a pro-active approach in working with the aircraft lessees and building a close relationship with a view to quickly identifying potential problem areas, with the goal of maximising the value of the asset and the lease to the lessor over the longer term. In addition, aircraft remarketing can be provided by our team of specialist professionals.

The Probus team has many years of experience in all aspects of aircraft management, and includes personnel with backgrounds in airlines, maintenance providers, manufacturers and financial institutions.

We have extensive experience in a number of business cultures and environments, and are equally at home in the operational, regulatory and legal environments of South America and Africa as those of North America and Europe.

We are acutely aware of the requirement to deliver accurate, clear and concise reports to clients, delineating the costs and risks inherent in any situation. We propose constructive and realistic approaches to solving problems and we have the capability to implement such actions, if required by our clients.

As business partners, we believe aircraft owners and operators should seek to minimise conflict and attain their respective goals through consensus. Our approach is therefore entirely proactive and seeks to gain results through communication and negotiation. However, we are always driven by the need to protect and enforce our client's rights and interests and have the experience and resources to carry out actions such as hostile repossessions of aircraft, if required.

Probus Aviation is an independent, global business and we can draw on the resources of the company in providing effective management services to our clients to minimise risk and maximise opportunity.

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In the last few years, our clients have included the following;

  • A US-based insurance company where Probus has provided remarketing and consultancy services over a portfolio of aircraft.
  • An investment company operating out of Australia and Singapore that required remarketing for an Airbus A320-200 aircraft coming off-lease.
  • A South American bank that leased a pair of Airbus A319-100 aircraft into a major low-cost carrier in the region and wanted to exit their aviation interests with outright sales.


PAMS manages the deliveries and redeliveries of aircraft on and off-lease on behalf of lessors. We can provide highly specialised technical personnel to ensure compliance with return conditions and that asset values are maximised for investors. We can also provide advice and guidance on minimising risk through the provision of innovative financial solutions.

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