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Probus Aviation Limited was originally established as an aircraft remarketing business. Although it has now expanded to provide a range of additional services, aircraft transactional services (remarketing and origination) still remain a core offering to clients.

Probus Aircraft Transactional Services (PATS) operates worldwide to place and source commercial transport aircraft. The company will accept mandates on a global exclusive basis only from clients seeking to dispose of or acquire aviation assets. Our primary focus is on narrowbody and widebody aircraft manufactured by Airbus or Boeing. However, we will also accept mandates for regional aircraft such as Embraer or Bombardier types and also for turboprops manufactured by the likes of ATR.

We are able to remarket aircraft for outright sale, for an operating or finance lease or for sale with a stub lease or long lease attached. Our remarketing team has many years experience in placing aircraft around the world and we have developed bespoke remarketing processes and techniques to ensure a successful outcome for our clients

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In the last few years, our clients have included the following;

  • A US-based insurance company where Probus has provided remarketing and consultancy services over a portfolio of aircraft.
  • An investment company operating out of Australia and Singapore that required remarketing for an Airbus A320-200 aircraft coming off-lease.
  • A South American bank that leased a pair of Airbus A319-100 aircraft into a major low-cost carrier in the region and wanted to exit their aviation interests with outright sales.


PATS also originates aircraft on behalf of operators seeking to add additional capacity or on behalf of lessors seeking to expand their portfolios. We search the market without compromising client identity so that they may be able to consider aircraft being openly marketed for sale and also those not being advertised on the open market.

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